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Ortho Plus is a walk-in, same-day imaging and immediate access orthopedic clinic.


Ortho Plus will refer you to orthopedic experts for surgery, physical therapy treatment or a more thorough diagnosis of an injury or condition.



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Get Orthopedic Urgent Care NOW

Welcome to Ortho Plus, the leading Ortho Urgent care in Oklahoma.  Ortho Plus provides patients accessible, efficient and convenient orthopedic injury treatment. Ortho Plus is just like urgent care but for your orthopedic injuries. Walk into our location, get a same-day visit and exam by an orthopedic specialist. We are proud to offer digital imaging at Ortho Plus with a complete exam by an orthopedic trained specialist.  Ortho Plus has immediate access to the Best Surgeons, Physical Therapist, MAT therapist, Trainers, OrthoBiologics, Nutritionist, and Conservative Care Specialist. No matter your orthopedic need, Ortho Plus has access to the best healthcare providers.  If you already have a loved orthopedic provider that is Great! We will perform a complete exam that includes digital x-ray and MRI.  We will contact your provider’s office with a complete chart and disc copy of your in office digital images.  You will be ready to go see the orthopedic surgeon of your choice.  We work with ALL orthopedic groups both in and out of the state. 

Get your preliminary treatment process done and out of the way in one day. Put yourself on the fast track to pain relief with Ortho Plus. Ortho Plus works to offer the best in cutting-edge orthopedic care. We want patients back to their normal self as quickly as possible. Visit Ortho Plus today for quick, cost-effective orthopedic care in one place. Our waiting room is comfortable and our technology is advanced. We ensure the staff is compassionate and courteous. The entire Ortho Plus experience is designed with you in mind.

Ortho Plus is more than just a clinic – it’s a refreshing new way of approaching orthopedic care and treatment. Our clinic is clean, fresh, the waiting room is open with short wait times and the check-in process is simple. At Ortho Plus, our staff will greet you with smiling faces and take pride in going above and beyond with your orthopedic experience.  Our staff is friendly and passionate about giving you the best experience possible with expert, efficient orthopedic care that gets you back to your life as soon as possible. This is the Ortho Plus experience. Come and experience a different world of orthopedic care.


Keith Holliman the history of Ortho Plus


Keith Holliman PA, graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1992.  Keith has been treating orthopedic and sports injuries for nearly 30 years.  Keith is a native of Holdenville, Oklahoma and has spent over 15 years in healthcare management.  Keith knew that medicine could and should be better.  With a bold and new idea, he decided to make a difference in orthopedic medicine.  In 2016 Keith founded the first Ortho Plus in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Keith had a vision of making orthopedic care more affordable and accessible to everyone.  The mission of Ortho Plus quickly became not only to help more people but to help patients get the right diagnosis, right treatment plan and right specialist the first time.  Ortho Plus has helped make great orthopedic health care affordable and safe for everyone by skipping the ER. 

Keith knew there was a way to make a difference in the orthopedic experience and to help more patients.   Keith and Dr. Calvin Johnson have a 25-year history of helping patients and athletes together.  Keith knew that Dr. Calvin Johnson was the orthopedic surgeon that was doing things differently and offering cutting-edge OrthoBiologics treatments for orthopedic patients.  Keith wanted to give his patients that ability to have access to the most superior surgeons when needed but also access to the best conservative care that included OrthoBiologics. Together Keith and Dr. Calvin Johnson are now able to offer a complete and personal conservative care program for patients that include OrthoBiologics.  Keith and Calvin have created a personal program to include access to the best Physical Therapy, Muscle Activation Therapy, Functional Medicine, Fitness Training, Nutritionist.  Keith and Calvin have stayed true to the mission “Changing Medicine, Changing Lives.”

When Keith is away from the clinic, he is staying busy with his other passion Baseball and Softball.  Keith has always loved the sport of baseball.  If he could put an Ortho Plus at the baseball field he would be in heaven.  He was destined to have two kids that could play lights out in baseball and softball.   Treating the throwing athlete is one of Keith’s biggest joys.  Kids come from all over the state to see “Keith the baseball specialist.”  Keith has worked with Dr. Andrews from the Andrews Institute for years to help treat and prevent throwing injuries.  Keith and Ortho Plus are excited to continue to help all patients receive superior orthopedic care that we all deserve.